Associate program

BIHE students have the opportunity to study a wide range of courses and programs in the natural sciences, engineerings, the social sciences and the humanities. A core curriculum which permeates all degree programs also provides a solid interdisciplinary foundation in the liberal arts. It acts as a central component of one’s academic experience and enables the student to examine the unity of learning and how the various fields of study serve to complement each other.

While the undergraduate programs at BIHE are rigorous and demanding, they allow students to engage in process-oriented thinking, problem-solving and an evolving discourse where search for truth is the central theme. Most degrees at BIHE offer a combination of practical skills and education that prepare students to adjust to the changing conditions of society and a constantly widening body of knowledge. At BIHE, we believe that our students need to be versatile, resourceful, globally-oriented and well rounded. As such, they are exposed to a diverse and carefully selected curriculum that incorporates key literature from world civilizations, individually-designed independent study courses, elective courses in applied chemistry and the poetry of Rumi.

BIHE currently offers 18 undergraduate degree programs. Each degree requires four years (8 semesters) of study.